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08 October 2010 @ 12:41 am
Hey, my name is Kayla and I'm from Adelaide.

I didn't know that there were really any other J-Rock fans in Adelaide, so this is a suprise!
My favourite band is Dir En Grey, I'm even starting up an Aussie fanspace for them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/group.php)
I am studying at Adelaide university; I enjoy music, writing, anime, manga, playing guitar, singing and fashion.

So, yeah, hi!

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12 September 2010 @ 02:35 am
This is based from MIYAVI_OFFICIAL on twitter:
ey fellas in Australia, seems imma invade ur country within this year. 次のワールドツアーは来年の予定ですが、訳あって今年オーストラリアに行く事になりそうです。"

Based on the japanese part, I think he mentioned something about a world tour and he'll be stopping by Australia (I'm not really that good in Japanese yet, can someone help with that to confirm it?).

But then I'm super excited right now...and I can't wait for the official dates to come out.

Can't believe Miyavi is coming >.<
08 September 2010 @ 10:05 pm
 Hi everyone~! ^^
My name is Eveline. I'm from Indonesia, currently studying in Glenunga International High School
I found this community while randomly browsing through other communities
So yeah, I love Japanese songs. I love J-rock and songs from Johnny's Entertainment groups
And actually there are 2 groups that I love, but just cannot find anything about them at all... TT___TT
They are BON'Z and THE STAND UP
Does anyone know where I can download their songs???
Well... BON'Z hasn't done anything since their last single in 2007... ><
Anyway, I think that's all for my introduction
Yoroshiku! ^^
27 January 2010 @ 07:44 pm
Hai :)
name's Daniel, also known as Yuki lol
this adelaide jrock site is an awesome idea, glad you though tof it :)
just moved to adelaide, so wanting to meet people

so if it alright, might place a band ad too lol
if there is a better place for a band add, could someone please let me know, thnx

18 yrs old, male, play guitar and or bass
listen to and play the likes of Gazette, Nightmare, SID, Alice Nine and yeah...
so if yu live in or around the Leahbrook area of adelaide, or further can be alright, I can drive :)
and yu are interested in jamming for a bit of fun.
not much experience needed, I dont have much myself :P
give me an shout at daniel.hapke@hotmail.com

hope to catch ya round :)
29 April 2009 @ 07:23 pm
Lifted from the post at jrock_australia, but probably more relevant here:

(please click for fullview)

Hey there fellow J-rock fans I just wanted to let you know that there will be an exhibition of some Lolita fashion photography on display at the Crown and Anchor Hotel in Adelaide.
Saturday the 2nd May is the opening night, and you could win prizes if you dress up in your pretty lolita gear or J-rock fashions!!
The exhibition will be held from 2nd May til the 30th May 2009 and open Friday and Saturday nights.

Also special guest DJ Azami Spider will be playing a set including some J-rock, so send xelandria  your song requests and she just might play them

Yep, lolita exhibition followed by DJ Azami Spider's set, which is... well, set, to include some jrock. If you ask nicely, she might fulfil some specific requests for you. Attendance is encouraged :D After all, how many places do you know in Adelaide which actually play jrock?
19 February 2009 @ 05:23 pm


spread the flyer :)

Buy tickets here @ moshtix

Something mildly interesting for Adelaide folk, also posted at the jrock_australia community, from BloodPuppies Entertainment's myspace blog:


Move over Gwen Stefani!

Get ready to be dazzled when the real Harajuku posse takes over Australia in April 2009.

Japan's flamboyant synth-pop duo, Aural Vampire, teams up with Melbourne's own gender-bending trance master GPKISM on a four-date East Coast tour.

Product of both Tokyo's vibrant goth subculture and the city's underground dance music scene, Aural Vampire's front woman Exo-Chika flaunts fangs in the band's videos and takes to the stage in gothic-inspired haute couture.

Raveman, her mysterious partner, dons a freaky "Friday the 13th"-style hockey mask – a nod to the duo's love of 80s B-grade horror films.

Having just inked with Japan's biggest indie label, Avex Group and becoming label mates with acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Operator Please and Jonas Brothers, Aural Vampire will be their first album on the label later this year.

Touring with them are GPKISM, who has been the darling of the American and European trance circuit; and the explosion of crazy colours and dirty trance music that is Tokyo's DJ SiSeN.

Don't miss Aural Vampire bring Harajuku to the stage in these Australian cities; it's a lot closer than Tokyo!

BRISBANE Globe Theatre (18+)
Thursday April 16
Tickets: globetheatre.oztix.com.au

SYDNEY Factory Theatre (AA)
Friday April 17
Tickets: www.factorytheatre.com.au

MELBOURNE East Brunswick Club (18+)
Saturday April 18
Tickets: www.eastbrunswickclub.com

Sunday April 19
Tickets: www.jivevenue.com


Aural Vampire: www.auralvampire.com / www.myspace.com/auralvampire

GPKISM: www.myspace.com/gpkism

DJ SISEN: www.myspace.com/sisen

anybody thinking of going? I probably will, got Mondays off at Uni anyway so the possibility of partying hard is there :D Hope to see everyone there.
18 January 2009 @ 01:07 pm
Hey there,
This com is a bit dead but i bring exciting news x)
Miyavi is coming to Australia!
He needs at least 1000 fans before that!
So please sign this petition and spread it around.

Sign here now!


He most likely wont come to Adelaide but you never know.
If we get at least 1000 fans to attend here then we've got a show :)
But then again even if he doesnt come here thats not gonna stop me from seeing him in sydney xD

and for those of you who dont know who miyavi is here are some links;

Miyavi's OHP
Miyavi's Official Myspace

you can listen to some of his songs here;
on last.fm

and some awesome music videos on youtube;
- 素晴らしきかな、この世界 -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD-
Jibun Kakumei
Itoshii Hito
Senor Senora Senorita
咲き誇る華のように -Neo Visualizm-

07 September 2008 @ 02:03 am
Hi there! My name's Bethany - although lots of people call me Azami or 'Zami. I'm from Adelaide and am also a huge fan of many older Jrock bands such as Buck-Tick, Luna Sea and X Japan but I enjoy heaps of others groups such as Rentrer En Soi, Dollis Marry, Vidoll and D (the list gooes oonn). I have an interest in Japanese electronica (Aural Vampire) and Japanoise (bands like Merzbow and Masonna) but my love lies with Jrock. Good to be here.

A lovely girl from jrock_australia suggested I post the following proposal here so here goes and any help would be totally appreciated!

On to the questions/business!Collapse )

Current Music: Mell'node - Radical Faction
10 August 2008 @ 12:52 am
hello >< ~~
I havn't wrote here before...

errmm used to be really into jrock??>o<
not so much now but still every now and then >< 
I just listen to mostly other japanese music haha

ermm my favaourite bands ~~ antic cafe , x japan, aile ????????cant remember others now

I like cosplaying ~?? cosplayed as bou in 2006 @ avcon ..and Yue from aile in 2007 XD XD

this year just cosplayed as lolita ><"" this year ~~ and only went on saturday~

had no time to make cosplay hehe

well these people look familiar >< hahah ~ after lolita/fruits/something comp

hnn the kakashi was awesome ><

some lolita @ the lolta panel o.o

me and my sister >< hoho

more photos also here: