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07 September 2008 @ 02:03 am
Introduction and a proposal  
Hi there! My name's Bethany - although lots of people call me Azami or 'Zami. I'm from Adelaide and am also a huge fan of many older Jrock bands such as Buck-Tick, Luna Sea and X Japan but I enjoy heaps of others groups such as Rentrer En Soi, Dollis Marry, Vidoll and D (the list gooes oonn). I have an interest in Japanese electronica (Aural Vampire) and Japanoise (bands like Merzbow and Masonna) but my love lies with Jrock. Good to be here.

A lovely girl from jrock_australia suggested I post the following proposal here so here goes and any help would be totally appreciated!

Myself and a group of people in Adelaide are looking to start a Jrock/Jpop/Vis Kei/Oshare Kei/J Electronica etc etc club night at a local venue. Due to the success of Jrock nights held at Fright Club we are thinking it might be feisable to start a separate event that is entirely dedicated to Japanese music and its visual culture. We are looking at providing a variety of DJs who play different styles and creating a laid-back but fun setting (we would also like to set up a big screen to play pvs to add to the atmosphere, particularly with visual kei). Before we propose the idea we need to get some feedback and do some research in order to ensure that the night is successful and that people would actually want to come to an event like this. I just want to add that this event is NOT for profit and only serves to bring together a local Japanese music community/provide a fun night for Jrockers and other fans to head out to.

If you are from South Australia and have some time I'd really appreciate it if you could fill out a survey I've put together in order to get the mentioned feedback. You're welcome to fill it out if you're from another state too of course, but being that this is jfans_adelaide I'm sure most of you are right here.

Thanks guys!

1. If a Japanese music event were to open up locally, would you attend the opening night? If not, what would discourage you?

2. Do you know many people that share an interest in Jrock (or Jpop, Visual Kei, even Kpop etc) that live in the same area?

3. Being realistic, how often do you think you would attend such an event if there were to be another one?

4. What bands would you like to hear at this night? Are there any styles that you dislike or are unfamiliar with?

5. What about underground jrock genres such as Japanese ebm and industrial/Japanese deathrock?

6. Would you dress up? (We would encourage you to dress up in a variety of Japanese fashion styles such as Jrock, punk, aristo, lolita, fruits etc! Even cosplay) And if there were a best dressed competition would you be more motivated to do so?

7. Would you prefer this event to be 18 + or all ages? (If it were an all ages night we would look at starting it earlier and then after midnight would have an 18+ policy)

8. If you have a good knowledge of a certain genre of Japanese music - would you consider and be interested in DJ'ing for us? 

Thankyou so much for your time XD

- Azami

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Azami - Bloody Hachimitsuxelandria on September 7th, 2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your interest! In answer to those questions..

* If there is to be a best dressed competition it will be based on effectiveness and creativity of the overall outfit so it doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money :)

*By Dj'ing I mean somebody who has a good grasp of a certain genre(s) and has access to a variety of music that they can play on the night. People who volunteer for this role (usually a venue will pays DJs but it will depend on what venue/when/if we are accepted and what kind of conditions they are after)will be taught how to use the equipment.. it is very easy to mix together tracks with most decks (and dont worry this is nothing like how a 'live' dance DJ might mix!) its just crossing the songs over into eachother and basic command of master volume and a few other things you might adjust on a regular sound system from song to song. This kind of DJ also needs a good ear for what songs will go together in a set nicely/how successfully they might be recieved... but as we're in the experimental stages right now that doesn't matter all that much to be honest :P! Again, you don't need experience to do this.. just a good ear, access and musical knowledge of one (or more) of the genres.

And don't worry about having to come alone if that is the case, we're all dying to meet other people out there with a love for this kind of music so I dont think you would be alone for long.

I'm actually quite surprised this hasnt happened interstate yet.