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jfans_adel's Journal

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Japanese music
j`music town adelaide

JFANS_ADEL is the first Adelaide or South Australia livejournal community for fans of Japanese music! :) The reason to why this community exists is to gather as many fans as possible from all over South Australia and share our love and interests for j`music! Because Adelaide / South Australia has such a small population compared to Sydney or Melbourne (who have like 3,000,000 more people -_-), we'll still try our best to gather more j`fans! :D

Founders of jfans_adel: pomki//anne & candyholicism//amy


01. This community is for fans of Japanese music residing anywhere in Australia, but specifically Adelaide / South Australia.
02. Introduce yourself! We'd like to know who you are!
03. Type appropriately. Please do not type "lyk diz" or "LiKe ThIs". We don't understand you ><"
04. All entries posted MUST be related to anything involved in the Japanese music industry. If not, it will be deleted. (Exceptions for major Adelaide events)
05. Tag all posts appropriately. If you don't know which tag to use, just leave it blank and the mods will do it for you.
06. Remember to put any large images or large amounts of text under an lj-cut, because not everyone has a fast internet connection.
07. Remember to friend-lock any posts that contains downloads or file sharing such as videos, mp3s, etc...
08. JOIN US! and have fun :)

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